Air Conditioning

Car air-conditioning is put under incredible strain during the hot summer months in Abu Dhabi, and similar to your car engine, the air-conditioning system also needs regular maintenance. Our air-conditioning service removes all of your old gas, vacuums the system, change the oil and re-fills with exactly the correct amount of gas.

Many of us are familiar with using air-con in our car on both hot and cold days, but not many people are aware that like other parts of your car, the air-conditioning system also needs regular attention to make sure it is working efficiently. Read More…



The number one security aspect of you and your passengers
The consequence of not ensuring your brakes are in the best working conditions can be very severe, and this is the number one service issue you need to take seriously.

A brake check every 10,000 km
Controlling your brake efficiency is a must and need to be tested in line with manufacture instructions, recognizing the heat and dust in Abu Dhabi. Read More…



The withering heat, sand & speed bumps in Abu Dhabi cause premature wear. Come & see us for an assessment if you hear bumps or creaks.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is effectively a complex series of components designed to work together to limit the vibrations and undulations from the road surface, providing a smooth, controlled and comfortable driving experience. Great brakes and tyres need to be in full contact with the road to work most effectively. In fact, at 30mph, worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 metres to your braking distance! Read More…



Exhausts have four main functions: to control noise, to direct exhaust fumes away from passengers, to improve the performance of the engine and to improve fuel consumption.

An exhaust is a series of pipes that links the engine to a silencer and a catalytic converter.

The tailpipe is the part of the exhaust that you can see extending from the back of the car. The silencer joins onto the tailpipe, then a series of further pipes joins the silencer to the catalytic converter and then the engine. Read More…


  • Servicing & Oil change is a must for you and your vehicle safety 
    1. Your must change service your vehicle and replace your engine oil at the intervals defined by the vehicle manufacturer.  Most new vehicles will provide you with a warning in the display to remind you to service your vehicle.  Read More…

oil change


Don’t get caught out in the heat this Summer. when batteries fail the car gives up too leaving you stranded. Call in for a free battery check today.

No appointment necessary

Massive selection of batteries to fit cars and light commercial vehicles in stock.

To locate Kunio Auto LLC, call to Kunio Auto LLC on 971 2 555 7798 today. Read More…



Body Repair

Our accident repair department takes care of all types of body work repairs caused in vehicle collisions and road accidents.

Our accident repair services restores your vehicle’s bodywork to a factory new appearance. Using modern repair methods combined with traditional craftsmanship our technicians repair all types of bodywork damage. Read More…



Utilising the latest in spray booth technology our full body painting service provides a factory new paint finish with a perfect colour match. Our skilled technicians have many years’ experience of painting vehicles including high end cars from Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes.

Our body painting service is used for: Read More…