The consequence of not ensuring your brakes are in the best working condition can be a at least costly in the long run or even catastrophic. This is one service issue you need to take seriously.

A brake check every 10,000 km
The severe heat and dusty environment can lead to brake efficiency issues. Therefore, regular checks should be done to mitigate any problems. 10,000 kms is a good interval even if you feel that you’re brakes are fine.

The Warning Signs

  • Your brake warning light is lit .
  • You have to press hard on the pedal to brake.
  • Your pedal feels spongy or travels to the floor easily.
  • Your brake pedal and/or steering wheel vibrate when braking.
  • Your brakes squeal or make other unusual noises.

If you recognize any of the above warning signs, then it’s time to get your brake system checked.

Should your brakes need repair, we offer the option of original parts, aftermarket parts or BOSCH parts.

Why Bosch Brake Pads

The Bosch brake pad programme has been designed to complement all types of driving styles, by way of applying the correct composition of friction material to each of its pad types. For all applications, extensive testing has been carried out to ensure the correct comfort level for the driver, resulting in a number of friction formulations being used across the Bosch brake pad range.