When batteries fail the car gives up too leaving you stranded. Call in for a battery check today.

Checking the condition of your car battery and battery charging system is a service available at Kunio Auto and takes around 30 minutes to complete.  This simple but effective test, which includes checking the charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery will indicate whether a battery failure is imminent or not by comparing the test result against the manufacturer’s specification.

Modern vehicles have a high level of sophisticated systems with electrical demands to suit.  Each vehicle has a very specific size and type of battery and the correct battery installed or else batteries will suffer premature failure and/or even make electrical systems malfunction.  Newer vehicles are also required to have the new battery programmed into the engine computer.

We at Kunio will only ever install the correct battery for your vehicle as defined by the manufacturer from information on our extensive Bosch database.

So, if you have any concerns regarding the condition or health of your car battery then we recommend you have the battery and charging system checked as soon as possible.

Your car battery is the only power source used for getting your car started and faulty batteries are one of the main reasons for breakdown calls in Abu Dhabi. Industry sources say that 1/10 vehicle batteries are poised to fail. So it is important that you maintain a good healthy battery if you are to avoid becoming a roadside ‘breakdown’ statistic.

We stock a large selection of BOSCH batteries for most vehicles, all with a 12 month warranty.