Air Conditioning

ac service

Car air-conditioning is put under incredible strain during the hot summer months in Abu Dhabi, and similar to your car engine, the air-conditioning system also needs regular maintenance.

There are many faults which will cause your A/C to not work or work poorly.  These can be as simple as a failed ‘O’ ring to a failure of a major component.

The A/C system in your car is a fickle system with many components that work together.  If one fails, then the whole system suffers.

You must also be aware that neglecting an A/C system and running it without gas will eventually fry your compressor and allow broken bits of the compressor to further damage your system.

We will do a complete system check and advise you of what your A/C needs to perform like new.

Our air-conditioning service removes all of your old gas, vacuums the system, changes the oil and re-fills with exactly the correct amount of gas.  Additionally, our systems never release ozone depleting gases into the atmosphere


Summer seems to have arrived early this year.  So we are offering a full a/c service which includes

  • Recording of vent temperature before and after
  • Removal of old gas
  • Charging with fresh gas and compressor lubricant
  • Charging with UV dye (to detect any future leaks under a UV light)
  • Electronic leak detection

Should any problems be found, we will be happy to demonstrate these to you and possible solutions.