“Our passion is satisfied customers.”

About Us

We at Kunio Auto aim to offer services where customers can get the complete range of auto services under one roof to the highest standards of quality at reasonable prices.

We are an authorised BOSCH SERVICE CENTRE and have access to their complete range of replacement parts.  BOSCH manufactures parts for all major manufacturers and is the largest original-equipment parts manufacturer in the world.

We are owned and managed by a UK qualified engineer who oversees each job to ensure quality of work and accurate diagnostics.

Also. our systems are certified to the ISO 9000 quality standard to ensure quality and consistency in our services.


Our Philosophy

Our driving force is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.  We try and embody that in honesty, transparency and value for money.

We never see the customer as a means to an end.  We will always be honest and transparent with our customers.  Our code of ethics includes:

  • Never replacing parts that don’t need to be replaced.
  • Always replacing parts that we promised to.
  • Always having old replaced parts for customer to inspect or take with them.
  • Always protecting your car from incidental damage or dirt by using protective covers
  • Treating your car as if it was our own.
  • Being as transparent as we can by explaining all work done.  When necessary, we will provide photos or video to help us explain.

We also try and offer our customers several options for repairs when we can.  Some of the options may be:

  • Using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Using aftermarket parts
  • Using reconditioned parts
  • Using secondhand parts (only major components e.g. engine, transmission etc)
  • Repairing your original part

Obviously the warranties and availability will vary from vehicle to vehicle and some options may not be offered.  Applications will also determine the options; for example, we would never fit secondhand brake pads and are reluctant to fit parts that cannot be tested before fitting.  However, rest assured that we will offer the best value solution without compromising your safety.


Tel: 02 555 7789

Our Name – Kunio Auto

oue namr kunio

Kunio Auto derives its name from a unique individual in the history of car manufacture: Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot (whose name we have adapted, for ease of pronunciation and spelling, to Kunio).

Cugnot was a French inventor. He is known to have built the first working self-propelled mechanical vehicle, arguably the world’s first automobile in 1769. The vehicle moved at a speed of 2.25 miles per hour.

In 1771, the vehicle is said to have gone out of control and knocked down part of the Arsenal wall (reported to be the first known automobile accident). The vehicle transferred to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, where it can still be seen today.